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Mat Based Pilates Classes in Harrogate led by a Physiotherapist

Small classes for all abilities. 

Yoga Class
About Us
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Matt is a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist who has both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. He became interested in Pilates after discovering the benefits for himself and how this could help his patients. He  has been teaching Pilates classes for a number of years. His experience as a Physiotherapist in dealing with patients who have back, neck, knee, hip and shoulder problems, makes him ideally placed to guide you through safe but effective exercise. 

His classes are well suited to all abilities. Whether you're looking for a way to exercise and manage pain or simply looking to have a great workout!

Not sure if Pilates is right for you? Get in touch!

Walking to Yoga class

Our Classes

We firmly believe that exercise should be for all. Whether you're a mat work regular or a complete novice our classes are fully inclusive. Our class sizes are kept small so we can help guide you, making sure you get the very best out of the session. 

All our classes are led by experienced, qualified Physiotherapists in Harrogate.

You can pay to attend a single session or you can purchase a discounted class pack.


The local project

We may only be small but we care about the environment and our community.
We pledge to donate 10% of our profits to local environmental projects.

So by joining us for a workout, you'll also be helping support the environment and your local community right here in Harrogate!

So far, we've helped support the Long Lands Common Community Woodland and in March 2022 we donated our profit to the Disasters Emergency Committee  in support of Ukraine.

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"Matt's classes are small, friendly and sensibly challenging. Through his attentive approach, he has helped me as a new participant , to settle in and make some great progress"

- Simon

Yoga Pose

"I have been doing Physio led Pilates with Matt for over 2 years. I thoroughly enjoy his classes and he is able to adjust the exercises depending upon how I am feeling that day. I am definitely much stronger and my back certainly knows if I haven't been for a few weeks. I would totally recommend The Mat Project."

- Emma

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